The Alpha Shift is here to make men great again. I’m here to inspire and empower you to be a hero to your wife, your kids, your friends and associates.

The Mission

The mission of The Alpha Shift is to be a hub of entertainment, support, and training for men who want to be more, and for the women who love them. We live in interesting times. Up is down. Good is bad. Male is female and vice versa. No one knows which restroom to use. And men and women are feeling frustrated and isolated. I want to bring men and women back together. I want to find more success and direction as well. Everything is interrelated. How you do anything is how to do everything. Let’s find more happiness, health, wealth, and success.


The Alpha Shift began in 2017 as The Red Pill Club. What started as a hard hitting warning against the vagaries of modern feminism has evolved into something more wholistic. The focus now is improving what we are to the core so the we can improve what we bring into our lives.

Look, It’s been said that we create from our deficits in life. I made a decision after my latest failed relationship at that time, never to feel that kind of disappointment and helplessness again. When that decision was made, everything changed. A transformation took place at every level, physical, mental, to spiritual. It took some time. I think I’ve grown and transformed as much as any of the guys I’ve worked with.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.