030 – “Why Men and Women Aren’t Connecting”

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Alpha Shift RadioEpisode 030:“Why Men and Women Aren’t Connecting”
…With Special Guest Celine Passenaud.

In this episode I have a frank discussion with Celine, who is a Kundalini Yoga teacher as well as a mindset and performance success coach.I would advise you to listen to this episode all the way through. There is gold in the information she shares. Take just some of this and you can transform your relationships.And there is an upcoming opportunity for listeners that we outline at the end.

7:17 The wild emotions of women and the opportunity that most men miss.
10:52 Understanding 1st, 2nd, 32d stage women.
14:00 when men don’t lead and women don’t trust.
18:00 why sex disappears in a relationship.
24:00 David Deida and His Work and why you need to know it.
29:00 What it really means for a woman to be surrendered and how to she can take charge of herself and avoid closure and divorce.
36:00 The opportunity in all of this for men who are paying attention.
37:00 What women think of men who lose their direction and how she’ll subconsciously test you.40:00 What makes a woman give her whole heart to a man.
43:15 Upcoming coaching groups with David and Celine.

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