029 – If You Can’t Control Yourself, You Can’t Control ANYTHING


Alpha Shift Radio Episode 029:

If You Can’t Control Yourself, You Can’t Control ANYTHING

In this episode, I interview motivation expert Colin Campbell.

Colin is the founder of Formula Publisher, a company that helps small business owners Clarify Their Unique Selling Proposition, Communicate It In a Book, and Use That Book to Attract New Prospects, Clients, and Customers.


This was an explosive and revealing episode. I suggest you listen to it all the way through.

* Repressed anger and ED

* Satisfaction NEVER comes from your pursuits

* Achieving your goal is not what will make you happy

* Heartbreak doesn’t care about your circumstances or your feelings

* How to earn confidence through your behavior

* How to speak to a woman without an agenda and be magnetic

* One key tactic that gives you enormous courage and stamina

I hope you enjoy this great talk with a guy who has done it and espouses the success so many of us seek!

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