028 – Happiness is an Inside Job


Alpha Shift Radio Episode 028:

“Happiness is an Inside Job”

One of our most popular guest returns!

Hugh Toner is an amazing success story that I interviewed about one year ago. A successful business owner, Hugh’s story is unique in that after divorcing the love of his life and a decade of inner work and relentless honest self-improvement reunited with his wife and remarried.

A year later, Hugh and I check in to reflect on his continued successes and dig deep into the truth about what happiness and success are and how to get it.

It is NOT:

More money…

More sex or female attention…

More accolades or popularity…

More stuff.

This episode was a blast! Includes:

* The Three “Be’s” to make you magnetic, detached, and not creepy or needy.

* Where all your growth really happens.

* How to stop laying on whatever nail is causing you pain.

* How to completely change your mind and your body, down to the cells of your body.

* How you can get wherever you want to go, regardless of where you are.

* How EVERYONE can be your teacher.

* How nothing is ultimately good or bad.

* Success and growth isn’t a light switch, it’s a journey.

* What is happiness and how can we get happy?

I hope you enjoy this great talk with a guy who has done it and espouses the success so many of us seek!

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