027 – How To Make Space For The Lover of Your Dreams


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Episode 027:

How To Make Space For The Lover of Your Dreams

In today’s episode, DK has an enlightening conversation with French Relationship Expert, Aline Dalbiez.

Aline is a Transformational and Professional Coach, an International Speaker, and a best-selling author. She has always had an intense interest in human relationships and what makes them tick.

She is the author of the book, “The Power Of Words: A Secret of Relational Success” where she describes the recipe for success in any relationship. This became the seed that sprouted her work in the research and development of human abilities culminating in a 12-week online program that allows you to literally reprogram yourself and break free from your self imposed limitations.

You can learn more about Aline and her work here:


This episode is full of golden nuggets:

* You tend to get what you expect from people.

* If a woman thinks a man is awesome and a superhero – he will rise up to fill the role

* Masculine and feminine energy in men and women. What if the woman is a leader?

* Aline was in this position and made a powerful decision to shift her energy in order to nurture her relationship.

* She made room for his masculine energy. She realized couldn’t fill all the space. This was a very conscious – very evolved discission.

* Program your mind to target things – that’s why we must focus on what we want vs. what we don’t want.

* The specific technique for how to bring in the partner of your dreams is shared – listen to this episode!

* She will love you for you. Doesn’t nee the ring and stuff – that’s low level

* Dare to stand for what you want and anything is possible.

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