025 – Men’s greatest concerns, and how to make ANYONE do what you want


Episode 025:

“Men’s greatest concerns, and how to make ANYONE do what you want…”

In this episode, we dig deep. In part one, I share the illuminating results of The Alpha Shift Survey that went out a few weeks ago. A lot of patterns here. May you will see some of yourself in this.

In part two I reveal specific concepts from an old and powerful book that will allow you to change and control your relationships with people (and certainly the women in your life) to get virtually ANYTHING you want.

1. Survey results what men really want, what their greatest concerns were.

Questions asked were:

a. What is your biggest relationship challenge?

b. What is your biggest shortfall as a man?

c. What one thing would you change about yourself if you could?

The answers will surprise you.

2. How to get anyone to agree with you and be on your side…

I’m sharing secrets from the greatest book in the world on getting along with people.

How To Win Friends And Influence People

The Alpha Shift

Your Wish Is Your Command

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