023 – Love always conquers fear: How to be a leader in a time of tremendous uncertainty


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Episode 023:

“Love always conquers fear: How to be a leader in a time of tremendous uncertainty”


Segment 1:

On the level of form, your freedoms are being taken away.

People are taking the Red Pill. You must understand it to understand what is going around you.

Great documentaries for you to watch right away:

Out Of Shadows


Fall Of The Cabal

Doctors speaking up about HR6666 and tyranny:

Dr. Rashid Buttar 

Dr. Erickson  Dr. Massihi

Where are YOU with everything? How do you feel? Are you out of work and at effect?

Red Pill isn’t all scary – good things are coming too.

You are all going to a new world and a new life – EVERYTHING is going to change.

Segment 2:

Three critically important life lessons taken from “The Way Of The Superior Man:”

1. Always hold to your deepest realization

2. Never change your mind just to please a woman

3. Your purpose must come before your relationship

Segment 3:

How to raise your consciousness and become POWERFUL.

“I Am The Word” by Paul Selig.

* How to work with higher energies and wisdom to unlock everything you’ve ever really wanted.

* This is not just “reading a book” magic happens. Do it.

* How David finally lined up with his purpose.

Get around like-minded individuals.

GIN – join for free for a few more days. Use this link to me as a personal mentor.

Your Wish Is Your Command.

I Am The Word.

The Way Of The Superior Man.

See you next week…

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