020 – Seizing the opportunity – the new world is coming….


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Episode 20:

The Alpha Shift in Exile

“The World Will Never Be The Same – And Neither will YOU”

With David Krueger

* So we’re under House arrest. Life will never be the same.

* I’ve reflected on priorities, I share how I spend my time.

* What’s really going on? You should Look into things.

* Learning how to learn and how to be humble. I don’t know what I didn’t know.

* The old normal is gone. But – you are not in this alone. What’s happening to you is happening to everyone.

* How will you define yourself?

* Too busy surviving, hustling.

* The benefits of connecting with friends.

* Creativity, connection to source – operating from passion. That’s what creates beauty in this world. What my passion really is.

* Some upheaval is coming. Brace for the ride.

* More opportunity now since the great derision.

* Solutions will come because EVERYONE needs them.

* Take advantage of the gift you’ve been given. Find yourself. Connect with your source. What fires you up? Create. Create. Create. Create. Slow down. Reflect go within – meditate. It will come. There will never be a better time.

* I’m going get everything I asked for in 2020. The blessings are there.

* Comment with your insights – what is going on with you? How are you taking advantage of this downtime?

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