017 – Secrets on Dating and Men: From A Woman’s Perspective…


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Episode 017:

Secrets on Dating and Men: From A Woman’s Perspective…

Hey, it’s David,

In this really fun episode Don and I interview Michelle Forsythe, a schoolteacher and health coach from Appleton Wisconsin. She recently married and old college friend of ours, and this girl has it going on. We think our friend Pet is lucky to have her.

Michelle reached out to me a while back and told me how much she admired The Alpha shift and its missions. She said she would love to come on the show and share some of her dating insights and experiences in hopes it would add value for our listeners.

I immediately took her up on it and put a date in the books. This interview was dynamite. We had a lot of fun.

Michelle delivered a ton of value, lots of golden nuggets of wisdom. I’m not going to trouble with a minute by minute breakdown, I want you to listen to the whole episode.

Highlights include:

* Why it’s important to have a plan when you go out on a date.

* Why you should NEVER take your shirt or pants off in the parking lot on a first date.

* Little things you may be doing that scream “douche bag” and turn women off.

* How easy it is to smell desperation.

* Michelle presents a unique and revolutionary way to select what is important in a potential partner.

* Why confidence is SO attractive to women and signals and indicators that show that you ARE confident.

* The “Steve” factor – the ultimate state of badass and attractive for ANY man. Achieve this, and all you want will come to you.


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