016 – Decoding Your Personality and Understanding Relationships


Hey everyone – 

I have a really cool episode for you this week. My guest is Marilyn Moore and is a relationship coach and speaker.

I met her through https://www.ichingsystems.net/ the most powerful healing and ascension modality I have ever been exposed to.

I strongly suggest you check out their website.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

– Arthur C. Clarke

Aside from being extremely adept with I-Ching’s healing technologies, Marilyn is a relationship coach and speaker and the co-founder of https://jochari.com/.

She uses a myriad of techniques and ideas to alleviate the stress points People have in any type of Relationship;  Intimate, Co-worker, Children, Parents, Neighbors, Anybody.  

Marilyn is a Grandmother, Home School Mom, House Flipper, Wholistic Wellness Consultant and retired minister’s wife of 30 years breaks into a new career that enables her to use her many years of interpersonal skills in a stunning and exciting way.   

After spending just a few minutes with her, whether in personal conversation or a public lecture you will walk away with at least one AHA moment!

In this episode, Marilyn demonstrates on ME the insight and clarity she brings into understanding your personality type and the dynamics of your relationships past and present.

Aside from seeing the dynamic power of Marilyn’s insights and tools for understanding, learn more about me than you ever wanted or needed to know!

(I did think twice about putting this episode up!)

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