009 – The Anxiety Epidemic And How To Rise Above It


This week we address the modern epidemic of rampant anxiety, and how it affects children, adults, and relationships.

We then go into your own personal power and some things you can do to counteract the anxiety in your life and take control to have the life that you want!

2:30 – where the Alpha Shift started and where it needs to go. Mission and growth are everything.

(Alpha, then shift..)

We evolve together.

4:00 – when David rode with the four horsemen of the apocalypse (and David and Don get great feedback on the podcast).

5:45 – Angst – the Documentary. What does anxiety disorder look like? Fight or flight response.

10:30 – AP news college students seeking mental help and cannot be served.

14:30 – The only way is for people to take 100% responsibility for their own mental health. Meditate, think right, to get support, take charge.

16:25 – You can’t eliminate darkness; you can only replace it with light.

18:30 – worry and focusing on the negative. Your mind is either in the past or the future. Never the present.

24:00 – The addiction to smartphones and being constantly connected – it’s affecting people of all ages.

28:30 – What is our best advice what do we recommend?

Take time to unplug every day. Meditate. Shut the phone and computer off.

Journal, ASMR, make time to connect with yourself.

We are powerful creators. We are creating our lives every minute.

The true power of your thoughts must be understood. Controlling your thoughts takes discipline and work.

Slow down. Focus on what you want.

Holosync meditation is wonderful for people with anxiety.

35:00 – David describes the white light meditation. 

Stress ages the brain.

Air traffic controllers versus Tibetan monk brain.

You can make your brain younger. 

39:15 – the power of interaction and community in person instead of texting and separation.

42:20 – What if we treated technology like a controlled substance?

43:45 – so much depression is because people don’t feel like they’re in control of their lives.

45:00 – It takes time and discipline to clear the negativity and think about what you want.

50:50 – Expectations that we put on ourselves and society puts on us and cultural indoctrination where are my….

The correct expectations for a relationship.

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