008 – Saving The Marriage AFTER The Divorce


Alpha Shift Radio Episode 008: “Saving The Marriage AFTER The Divorce”

This week’s very special episode of Alpha Shift Radio is what The Alpha shift is all about! 

Today we bring you something that is virtually a miracle…

A good friend of mine recovered from the adversity that we all face in life and did something few have ever done:

Put his marriage back together AFTER his divorce.

Hugh and Sandra, facing the challenges that we all face in lifelong partnerships divorced after 20 years of marriage.

What makes this story unique and inspiring is how Hugh took 100% responsibility for his situation and took the DARE from life and from the universe to step forward and succeed where he had previously failed.  

He snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, found enormous financial success, and became the best version of himself.

Once that happened everything in his life fell back into place, his wife fell back in love with him, and five years after the divorce, they remarried.

Gentlemen, wouldn’t we all like to be a little more like Hugh?

So many men come to my work when they are in deep trouble. Their lives and their relationships are failing. They want to “fix it”. They want a quick solution to a complicated and heartbreaking problem that too them years to get into.

They want answers. So I bring you answers. Listen to this man’s story. The challenges he faced are like the challenges many of us face. And his resolution and ultimate victory show us what’s necessary to turn a situation around.

I was inspired by his story and I wanted him to come on the show and share his secrets for all of our benefits.

For any guy who has ever felt like things were falling apart and felt like you were losing your wife and your family, you can always snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Listen to every minute of this and take it in. 

Anything is possible.

As a man, you are responsible for your situation and your life. Learn everything you can from this story. There is gold here.

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