003 – Nice Guys, Bad Boys, and Oliva Newton-John


David and Don take on the Nice Guy/Bad Boy paradox.

This was a really fun episode, and you’ll get two different perspectives on this from two different life paths – enjoy!

Do Nice Guys finish last?

2:47 – become the best version of yourself before getting into a relationship.

– Evolve and grow and change as you go and that’s a good thing. We are never going to be perfect.

– A little better than the day before – Kaizen. 1% improvement every day.

– Know your purpose in life.

5:00 – if you’re not following your purpose, she’ll become less interested and actually think it’s something wrong with HER.

– Need to be excited for the next day to begin.

7:18 – Tying a good tie knot. David asks for Don’s help. Half Windsor knot. One of the hidden benefits of going to catholic school.

9:15 – one in 16 women reported first sexual encounter was not consensual.

– Fifty shades – nice guy young boys self-worth and validation.

– Exotic dancer pressured to have sex as a teenager – socialization.

14:20 – definition of a nice guy and why he’s not nice at all. Why women get pressured into sex.

17:00 –  what if the nice guy and the exciting bad boy could be one guy and have all of the good in one package?

19:00 – don’t fix her.

21:00 escapism vs. honoring your passion points. Respecting each other’s passions.

24:40 – Khalij times – wife seeks divorce because husband is too nice. What did he do to drive her away?

33:00 – Confidence, Leader of the pack, and Olivia Newton-John.

36:00 – do you need to be jerk to be attractive – the red pill awareness where is the truth? MGTOW – internet of “things.”

42:00 –  you attract what you ARE. And that translates to what is your polarity – a dominant woman gets a child-man. 

43:00 – can David figure out what his ideal woman is? Can he become her ideal man? Does he even know what the hell he wants?

Matthew Dick, Speak Up, Storyworthy book.


Storyworthy Book – https://amzn.to/2MheWrQ

46:00 – Don imparts the importance of recording your story. Your story is everything.

48:00 – the four horsemen David’s heyday of dirtbaggery in college.

51:00 – Standards of what is perfect and sexy. Wrap up.

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