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030 – “Why Men and Women Aren’t Connecting”

Alpha Shift RadioEpisode 030:“Why Men and Women Aren’t Connecting”…With Special Guest Celine Passenaud.In this episode I have a frank discussion with Celine, who is a Kundalini Yoga teacher as well as a mindset and performance success coach.I would advise you to listen to this episode all the way through. There is gold in the information…

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029 – If You Can’t Control Yourself, You Can’t Control ANYTHING

Summary Alpha Shift Radio Episode 029: If You Can’t Control Yourself, You Can’t Control ANYTHING In this episode, I interview motivation expert Colin Campbell. Colin is the founder of Formula Publisher, a company that helps small business owners Clarify Their Unique Selling Proposition, Communicate It In a Book, and Use That Book to Attract New…

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028 – Happiness is an Inside Job

Summary Alpha Shift Radio Episode 028: “Happiness is an Inside Job” One of our most popular guest returns! Hugh Toner is an amazing success story that I interviewed about one year ago. A successful business owner, Hugh’s story is unique in that after divorcing the love of his life and a decade of inner work…

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The Alpha Shift is here to transform you. I’m here to give you the confidence, knowledge and resources to become the man that your younger self had always dreamed you would be. We’ll have a lot of fun along the way. And we’ll share raw unfiltered truth about love, life, relationships, and success.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Informative and entertaining podcast for men! Terrific content! Guys talking abut being guys in this day in age when it’s not always easy. Good stuff that doesn’t get talked about enough. Refreshing to hear and presented in a funny, entertaining way. Great job guys!

— MSU Dave

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Excellent day David!!! Man I LOVED your e-mail newsletter today about our thinking and our feelings, it really raised my vibration and got me to feel GREAT!!! Thanks so much David, let’s keep thinking happy thoughts!!!

— Ara

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